Be A Promoter

Unreached tribes, who live in a far away places, have no voice among the Christians who might tell them about Jesus.  They are unknown, out of sight and out of mind.  Less than 0.00014% of Christians work among unreached people groups. Unreached tribes are a smaller part of that group. Less than 3.3% of all missionaries work among the unreached tribes, so you won’t hear a lot of noise from them, either.

However, Jesus told us to go to every ethnic group, to the ends of the earth and into all of the world.  His plan includes every tribe, every language, every people group and every ethnic group (ethnos or nation).

Who will speak for them? Who will keep them before the Church? Who will invite Christians to reach them with the Good News about Jesus? That could be you!

Here are some things you could do to take action:


A promoter might take the time to tell others of the unreached tribes, our opportunities to pray for them, our options for learning about them and linking people to the missionaries who work among them.

– Promote Tribal Church Planting where you are
– Get Informed / Be Prepared
– Read God’s word, the Bible, about His purposes, plans and methods.
– Subscribe to missionary email, newsletters and publications.
– Read missionary biographies to learn how to depend on God.
– Ask current missionaries about their lives and needs.
– Research world needs, methods of meeting them and who is doing what.
– Go to a Wayumi program.
– Educate Others
– Download and show missionary videos.
– Make missionary publications available.
– Ask your friends to pray about specific needs.
– Host missionaries in your home, small group or church.
– Invite a missionary mobilizer to speak.

Call us for literature, web links, ideas, speaking opportunities and counseling individuals or couples,