Best Thing

The very best of the very best things that can happen to a person is to be brought into dynamic relationship with their Creator God.


If that statement seems odd or out of place to you, then let us show you how that is true! The more we discover of His character, His design and His intentions, the more we will be drawn to Him. There is no better endeavor.


We were created to know Him, to discover Him and His creation. To know Him better is to relate better to all that He has created.


God did not make robots, but people with a will to choose.


We have all made choices which are contrary to the goodness of God's character and suffered the consequences of those choices: broken relationships - separation - death.


The relationship has been broken. We are separated from God. The world is broken.


That's why Jesus came. He came to fix the broken relationships and will eventually fix our broken world.


Jesus paid the penalty for our sins so that we could be brought back into fellowship with our Creator God. He will, in His time, restore the brokenness of the world completely.


The Good News, the Gospel, is that God the Father was satisfied with the price which was paid by God the Son. The good news means that, by believing Him, the filthiest sinner can be clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ and stand in the perfect presence of the Holy God forever by trusting in Jesus.

The Good News message has essential four parts.
A Holy God. God is good and Holy. His standard is absolute perfect righteousness. He see everything. He knows everything. He judges perfectly. He will bring every individual to account for his or her actions.
A Helpless Sinner. We are desperately sinful. We cannot attain to the standard of perfect righteousness which God demands.
A Sufficient Savior. Only Jesus has satisfied God's wrath against my sin. Only Jesus can clothe us in the perfect righteousness that we need. He has provided the justice and righteousness we need.
A Personal Faith. Only you can believe the message about Jesus. No one can do it for you. Only you can trust in what Jesus has done for you to deal with your sin. Forgiveness is appropriating the gift; by believing the truth about God's holiness, our sinfulness and the sufficiency of Christ alone to meet our need.

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The Good News is available to all people. God's chosen method of delivery is that those who have heard and believed the Good News message carry and/or send that message to the people who have not.


Many of the world's people have not yet heard the life-giving message because those who have heard it have not yet carried it to them.


The Good News is about being brought into fellowship with the living God, freed from the slavery of sin, delivered from patterns of self-destruction, empowered to love our enemies, strengthened to endure until Christ's return, given the promise of a new home, new bodies, a new heaven and a new earth! We have been given the message about a certain hope, eternal life, unending joy, unbroken relationships and unequaled freedom.


The people who carry this message are ambassadors of good will to all people. What a great privilege is ours to deliver the news about the very best of the very best thing to people who have not yet heard it!


Will you help us reach the tribes who have no access to this wonderful message?


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