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The Holy Bible: the World's Best Seller

How do you know the value of a dollar bill?

Didn't someone tell you?


You didn't have believe them.
You saw them use it.
Then you wanted one.
Then you used it and told other people its value.

It is the same thing with knowing the value of truth from God.


God told us what He wants us to know.
He wanted it written down.


The Holy Bible:

Some call it the user's manual from the Creator God.
The Bible is a unique book which has shaped nations and people throughout much of history.
Everybody seems to have their own ideas and opinions about it.

What does it actually say?
Do you know the central themes?
Is your education well-rounded if you know little about it?


This course is an objective overview of the Bible.

Many people have found it engaging and informative.

Decide for yourself what you believe about the Bible.

To give you the material for informed decisions, we need about 16 hours of your time.
You may preview the content. (Please feel free to ask us.)

The truth has nothing to fear from scrutiny.
Bring your questions.
You will find many of them answered in the course.
If you have more questions after the course, we will be glad to direct your research toward serious answers.

Each chapter builds understanding based on the previous lesson, so you won't want to miss a class. Resources are available to help you easily make up a missed lesson.
While we will give you time to think about what you learn, we will work to keep up the momentum of the course so that it comes together as a cohesive study with a clear end.


No prior knowledge of the Bible is required.

The course is designed to include those who have little prior Bible experience or a lot. There are explanations of jargon and terminology along with opportunities to ask questions and explore serious answers.
The course is also very informative for people who have invested a lifetime of studying the Bible.
Because the course builds from the known toward the unknown, the content may seem familiar at first, but you will not be disappointed!

You can meet with Randy and Diana at our house (Fenway Westfield) near Westfield State University's south parking lot. Or, if you have a large group, there are other public settings available.

It would help if you bought your own course material. We can send you a link. No purchase is necessary. Scholarships are available.
Just come join the fun!


We would love to get to get acquainted with you as we work through the course together.
You can work through the material with us or by yourself.

See below for several different ways
to expand your Bible knowledge.


Course 001

Get It Done
Four weeks

Two hours, two nights a week for four weeks. Suggested donation for materials and expenses: $30.  Scholarships available upon request. (No explanation needed.) The location: a short walk from Westfield State University. Other locations by prior arrangement.

Dates - Tues & Thurs - 6:30 PM

September 22, 24, 29, 31
October 3, 5, 10, 12

Course 002

Low Key
Eight Weeks

Two hours, one night a week for eight weeks, at a location a very short walk from Westfield State University. Suggested donation for materials and expenses: $30.  Scholarships available upon request. (No explanation needed.)

Dates - Mondays - 6:30 PM

September 18, 25,
October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
November 6

Course 003

One Weekend

Sixteen hours in one weekend. Four hours Friday night, eight hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday. Suggested donation for materials and expenses: $50.  Scholarships available upon request. (No explanation needed.)

Dates -

Weekend Course by prior arrangement. Is there a weekend that works well in your schedule?

Call to inquire about alternate dates and / or times that fit your schedule.

Join a Course

Call or email to schedule the course of your choice.








By This Name

This book is a great overview which you download or read online for free. Do a self study.  It takes about 20 hours. 

The Lamb

Designed for children, "The Lamb" is about 40 minutes of audio with a shorter, simple message.
Free eBook, too.
Download the MP3 file.
Listen while you drive?


Local Course

Real people conduct the course at a house about three blocks from Westfield State. Come on over and join the fun!

Discover the Treasure

Why do so many people hold the Bible in such high regard?  
Let us show you!  
This course is an objective overview.
The information will help you make your own informed decisions. 


See how other real people have been affected by this course.


Are you still not sure about this course? 

See the author's Preface online. 

The Stranger -

By This Name -


Why wait.
Start online now.