Missionary Books & Biographies

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People Title  Author Description Type Duration
 Commandos for Christ  Bruce Porterfield Book
Canopy of Darkness Jonathan Kopf Reaching the Hewa people of PNG.
God Planted Five Seeds Jean Dye Johnson Five missionaries martyred in Bolivia Book
When Things Seem Impossible  Jean Dye Johnson Paul Dye escapes from guerillas Book Read
Mission Venezuela Marg Jank Overview of Bagwido work. Book
   God Plus Nothing Arvalee Palmer Book
Althea Lawrence Book
In the Presence of My Enemies Gracia Burnham Book
To Fly Again Gracia Burnham Book
Amy Carmichal Book
 John and Betty Stam Book
 Dr. Livingstone Book
 Eric Liddel Book
 Hudson Taylor Book
 Adoniram Judson Book
 The Story of New Tribes Mission  Ken Johnston Book
 God If You Are Up There Do You Care?  Rosalie Ranquist Book
 The Hiding Place  Corrie ten Boom Book
 Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak  Davey and Marie Jank Book
 Through Gates of Splendor  Elizabeth Elliot Book
 https://urbana.org/blog/21-missionaries-you-should-know Link
 https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/missionary-biographies Link
 Peace Child Book
 Lords of the earth Book
 Piercing the Darkness Book
 Torchlighters.org  Heroes of the Faith An excellent collection of videos, books and documentaries for children and adults showing God's work through ordinary people in history. Link