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It's not about us but about unreached people groups. We are working to reach them and asking you to join us.


Yes, we need financial donations to do this work of the ministry.


We are banking on the Biblical idea that you can't take it with you but you can send a lot ahead.  Only God's word and the souls of men will last for ever.  So, we are investing in the heavenly treasure layaway plan and inviting you to join us.


If this generation of unreached tribes are to hear about eternal life through Jesus Christ, then who will tell them? Christians? Which ones? Where are they?  Do they know about the unreached tribes?


Only this generation of Christians can reach this generation of the unreached tribes.  They need to hear about God's plan, the needs of the unreached and the opportunities to reach them before they pass into an eternity of separation from all that is good.


We want to do the work that it takes to invite them into fulfiling God's plan. Our ability to do that work is limited by the resources available.  We can accomplish more by working together with like-minded people. Individual donations expand our reach. Your gift can help us reach more people!


To take it a step further, we need people who will partner with us month by month. We seek partners who have a common conviction with us that God is doing something in which we are mutually privileged to have a part. The Commission Christ has given to us is greater than any of us can do alone. We plant seeds. We water some. God gives the increase. As part of the team God is raising up to reach the unreached tribes we need your support to enable us to do our part; find laborers to help bring in the harvest.



What Potential


Mobilization is the first point of contact with potential missionaries. Connecting with people who might serve, and with churches who will send and support missionaries, is a vital part of fulfilling our Lord's command to take the Good News to the ends of the earth.

Seeking People

We are seeking those people who will take active responsibility, by faith, to join us in doing what Christ has commissioned us to do on the highest authority in heaven and on earth. "... that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God." - 2 Corinthians 4:15

Go Get 'Em

Our ability to go to places where those people congregate and present opportunities is directly related to the team we have supporting us to enable that work.

By Faith

We, along with each member of New Tribes Mission, are supported entirely through gifts from people like you who want to have a part in sending laborers into the harvest.

God's Glory

We Christians have been commissioned on the highest authority in heaven and earth to reach every ethnic group. We need to see this endeavor as a primary function and purpose of the church in bringing glory to God.

More Missionaries?

Less than 3% of all missionaries and 1% of missions funding are sent toward reaching unreached people groups. To reach every tribe, we must greatly expand the number of Christians who are working to reach them.

To complete what has been started (establishing maturing churches), and to advance into areas yet unreached with the Gospel, we need more people to get involved.

Let's Finish It

For each of the 2500 unreached tribes there are 134,000 evangelical Christians. There is not a lack of Christians to do the work; only a lack of vision and purpose to do it. We seek to glorify God by imparting this vision.

Team Building

We need to involve our generation of Christians to start and finish planting maturing churches of people who will be able to multiply our efforts. New teams to share the Good News with yet unreached people groups are greatly needed.

We need to involve our generation of Christians to start and finish planting maturing churches of people who will be able to multiply our efforts. New teams to share the Good News with yet unreached people groups are greatly needed.


Thank you for working with us to get the message out!


Would you prayerfully consider being a monthly financial partner with us?




A worthwhile endeavor

Our path forward is not always clear, but our destination is certain, our purpose is defined, God's promises are sure and the benefits are out of this world.


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Additional special gifts will help us to reach out to the Church in areas presently not accessible to us. (See Special Gifts Projects)


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