Now Speaking

Dear Friends,

We would love to come speak to your church!

Sunday meetings, small groups, children’s church, schools, AWANA, youth, teens, young adults, missions committees, leaders; we like to speak to all ages and gatherings of people as we encourage faith!

Commissioned. On the highest authority in heaven and on earth we have been commissioned to go to every ethnic group, tell them the Good News, baptize them and teach them to do everything Jesus commanded. (See Matthew 28:18-20, and many other references.) We believe God has equipped our generation to do just that! We can reach every tribe!

Jesus IS building His church even in remote places on earth!  We would love to tell some of our many stories of God’s faithfulness in reaching tribes, transforming lives!

No Access to Truth. About a third of the world’s people have no access to either a portion of the Bible or a Christian who could tell them of Jesus in a language they understand.  The problem with that is …?  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God which is spoken by messengers who are sent!  These people will not hear the Gospel until Christians intentionally train, equip, send and support someone to tell them.

Tribes. There are 2500 language groups of people who need to hear about Jesus.  More than 100 tribes have asked for a missionary and are waiting for someone to come tell them about God.  To deliver the message to each tribe and equip them to join us as Christ’s ambassadors, obstacles must be overcome such as learning an unwritten language, deciphering a mysterious culture, translating the Bible into a language they understand, teaching people to read so that their faith is rooted in God’s Word, developing Bible lessons in the tribal language, teaching the people who will listen and equipping them to teach others.

Laborers. Only about 3% of all missionaries work to reach people who have no other access to truth. For each of the 2500 unreached people groups there are 131,000 evangelical Christians. Even if only 1% of us heed and persevere in our Lord’s call, we could reach every tribe! God uses ordinary people who believe Him. We are excited to share our Lord’s clear commands and the many opportunities available to have a part on the teams reaching the unreached! We invite people to pray for laborers.  We will also show how to send someone or to go yourself!

Churches. Mission agencies do not send missionaries. Local churches do! Those churches who have already sent missionaries are often organized into agencies to help other local churches send their own missionaries and assist those churches who already have. Leaning on God’s Word and the experience of His people, we can be highly productive working together as one!

Training. There are wonderful opportunities to learn from the experience of those who have gone before! We can show you how some of the unreached people groups have been reached with the Gospel in the past. Wayumi. Interface. New Tribes Bible Institutes. Missionary Training Center. We can show you where to learn more about unreached people groups. We can lead you to practical Bible training so that you can wisely invest your time on earth toward eternity to come. We can show you how to get excellent missionary training for preparing to reach an unreached people group yourself!

Transference. Through worldview resources, we can show you how to use what you learn right here at home!  How do you share the Gospel with someone who knows nothing about God? How do you address a different worldview? How do you give someone a clear Gospel message without putting them on defense?  What is the Gospel message? What are the Four Irreducible Minimums of the Gospel message? How do you teach people to teach other people? How do you establish patterns of mentoring and discipleship from the very first day? Does the Bible only show us WHAT to teach or does it also show us HOW to teach it? How do you elevate the character and nature of God in the thinking of your audience?

Send 100. People go because they are asked. Hearing God’s Word lays the foundation for their faith. Imparting Biblical vision and presenting opportunities are key factors in prompting action. Send 100 is about equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, locating those who are ready to go and sending them out to reach every tribe, tongue, people and nation with the Good News about Jesus. We are looking to send 100 missionaries with 100 supporters to 100 unreached tribes. How do you do that? One church and one person at a time! Would you like to assist? Will you help us present opportunities for faith in action?

We believe that God moves His people through the work of the Holy Spirit as His people respond by believing His Word and the testimony of His servants. It is His work to move people not ours. Our objective is to share God’s Word so that others may have the abundance of joy in fulfilling God’s purpose for them.  We want to help people to bring others with them, especially among the unreached, building now for what is coming after Christ takes us home. (1Cor. 3:11-16, 9:19, 2Cor. 4:15)

Glory! It’s all about Christ’s glory! He is worthy! We can help God’s people to

  • see the big picture of what God is doing in the world,
  • know our role as ambassadors,
  • invest our lives with eternal values, and
  • equip unreached people groups to be Christ’s ambassadors.

Our Savior is so wonderful that the WHOLE WORLD needs to hear of Him! Will you help us equip and send the messengers? To start, let’s Send 100! See

Thank you for working with us to declare God’s glory among remote unreached people groups! Will you include us in your ministry?

That all may believe Christ,


Randy & Diana Smyth