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Dear Fellow Ambassadors,

Thank you for your interest in New Tribes Mission. Most of the information can be found on New Tribes Mission’s web site at http://usa.ntm.org.

New Tribes Mission is an organization of people who are dedicated to planting churches among remote people groups who have no access to the Gospel message. New Tribes Mission personnel are all individuals or families who raise their own support and are sent by Christians who desire to fulfill the Great Commission; specifically among unreached people groups or tribes.

New Tribes Mission was founded in 1942.  Since then NTM missionaries and their sending churches have planted indigenous churches in more than 260 languages. The numbers keep changing but we have about 3000 missionaries from 36 countries working in 34 countries to plant maturing churches. Bible translation, literacy, foundational teaching and heart language communication within the cultural context are key components of establishing maturing indigenous churches. 

The title bar has links which will lead you to more information.
About – This page tells about our purpose, vision, methods, heritage, doctrine, accountability and some of the policies. (Please read this!)

Videos and Photos – Through media you can see what New Tribes Mission personnel have been doing. I would highly recommend that you view the videos entitled Ee-Taow The Mouk Story (24 minutes) and Yembeyembi (30 minutes). 

Go On The Journey – There are a wide variety of opportunities for service, academic learning, internships, associate missionary service and career missions!  It takes a large team to have sustained effective ministries at the ends of the earth. You and your skills are needed! If you are interested in lending your skills or teaching abroad you would start at this page.

Mission Trips – This will lead you to information about short term service and/or education both at home and abroad.


Wayumi Course - (1 week in the USA) and Interface (6 weeks overseas) are the opportunities for academic learning. Participants are given an introduction to concepts in missions which they may not have previously recognized as vital to successful tribal church planting.

Career Missions – This is where you would go to begin gathering information about serving in tribal church planting. This link reveals the application process for serving with New Tribes Mission.

Training – New Tribes Mission missionaries receive two years of training in preparation for a career of service on the mission field. This is extremely valuable in helping missionaries to be successful in their ministry by building on the experience of missionaries who have already worked overseas. You may note that Bible training is a prerequisite to the missionary training.

New Tribes Bible Institute - New Tribes Bible Institute offers affordable Bible education that teaches every book of the Bible with a focus on full-time missions. Prepare for a lifetime of heavenly investments through a practical working knowledge of God's word presented by experienced missionaries!

MTC – This is an overview of New Tribes Mission’s Missionary Training Center.

MTC Course Academics – This is an overview of the academic course content at MTC.

As a vehicle for local churches to send missionaries to the ends of the earth, New Tribes Mission has benefited from the wealth of experience as these ministers apply Biblical principles not only to what is taught but how it is presented to glorify God. Some of those resources are available in our language.  You can find them at the NTM Bookstore. (ntmbookstore.com) 

Here is a page about some excellent resources for local churches.  http://send100.org/ntm-resources/

I would enjoy talking to you or your friends who are interested in working with New Tribes Mission Aviation. Here is a page with some information. http://send100.org/ntma/

New Tribes Mission sends out email prayer updates daily and weekly. If you would like to subscribe, follow this link. https://usa.ntm.org/subscribe-to-email-updates

Following New Tribes Mission on Facebook or Twitter can also help keep you informed and bring prayer requests to your attention.
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Please contact me at any time if I may assist you in the discovery process or answer any further questions.

We are praying for laborers to help with reaching the unreached. Whether or not you join us in the task, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for New Tribes Mission and for laborers to reach people who have no access to God’s Word.

For the glory of God among the least reached,

Randy Smyth
Pursuing Laborers for the Unreached Harvest

New Tribes Mission
NE Representative - Mobilization & Aviation
Contact me at my Ministry blog - ntm.org/randy_smyth

About our work -
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Church Planting in Yembiyembi - http://vimeo.com/88474022
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