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I believe that Ethnos360 has a great deal to offer churches as we minister together to reach the world with the glorious message about Jesus!


Thousands of missionaries and their supporting churches have worked together over 75 years to employ Biblical principles to plant more than 1200 churches.  That work and a heart learn has resulted in some tremendous, time-tested tools for planting churches, for intentional discipleship and for preparing the next generation of Christians to complete the Great Commission!


Here are some things I have discovered:


1) Evangelism & Discipleship. Time tested evangelism materials, following Biblical methods for teaching which can immediately establish reproducible patterns for discipleship. This is an effective Christ-centered foundational teaching curriculum leading toward maturity in Christ. The objective includes replacing false "master stories" or assumptions about reality and resultant worldviews with the Biblical metanarrative. Every person's greatest need is the discovery of and submission to the knowledge of God's glory. (2 Cor. 4:4-7)


- Building on Firm Foundations series. This is a guide missionaries use for tribal church planting. Volume One - Lays out some of the Biblical Principles for this method of teaching. Did God give us Biblical patterns for teaching to lay foundations for truth? (This was used among the Mouk people of the "Ee-Taow!" videos.)


- Firm Foundations, for Western audiences - adult and children, Sunday School format, Chronological Study Sets
- See ntmbookstore.com


- GoodSeed tools - Excellent evangelism resources for western audiences. (These are effective!) See goodseed.com


How to Train Series

* Family
* Church
* Short Term Missions Team
* International Students
* Prison
* Seniors
* ESL Students


2) Wayumi - (wayumi.com)(pronounced "why-YOU-me") - This a program in central Pennsylvania where participants are given the opportunity to learn about God’s purposes in the world while receiving introductions to missions, worldview evangelism, language acquisition, the influence of culture on communicating truth and teaching Biblical truth in the context of alternate metanarratives.


- Wayumi Expedition - 6 day summer program for teens in grades 9-12
- Wayumi Weekend Retreat - All ages. Bring the whole church!
- Wayumi Course - 7 day collegiate course.
See more at send100.org/Wayumi


3) Interface - as a six week hands-on, on-field, collegiate level missions introduction taught in Papua New Guinea by missionaries who are doing the work of the ministry.

- https://usa.ntm.org/go#mission-trips


4) New Tribes Bible Institutes – Two of our schools are in the USA for students who want a practical Bible education which is focused on missions and taught by experienced missionaries. See

- Missions FocusNTBI
- Academics
- ntbi.org - Jackson, MI & Waukesha, WI


5) Missionary Training Center – Practical transfer of knowledge and experience from veteran missionaries for the purpose of equipping people to plant maturing, reproducing, Bible-believing indigenous churches in difficult cross-cultural contexts.

- Overview - https://ethnos360.org/training
- Academics - Missionary Training Center


6) Ethnos360 – A vehicle through which local churches can send their own missionaries with effective training and a healthy support system to the ends of the earth to reach people who know nothing of the God of the Bible. (ethnos360.org/about)