People Needed

People Needed


People of all kinds of skills are needed.

- Bible teachers are needed to teach the Bible in the tribal language.

- Linguists are needed to help understand the language, how it works and how to write it down.

- Bible translators are needed to translate the Bible into an unwritten language.

- Literacy consultants are needed to sort out how to make the language readable.

- Literacy teachers are needed to teach people how to read their own language.

- Church planting consultants are needed to assist new missionaries with planting churches.

- Construction workers are need to build houses, install septic systems and maintain facilities.

- Supply buyers are need to shop for remote missionaries as well as pack and ship their supplies.

- Accountants and bookkeepers are needed to keep funds going to the right places and provide accountability.

- IT specialists are needed to keep computers running, advise on software and keep networks functional.

- Mechanics are needed to keep vehicles, generators and other machinery running.

- Pilots are needed to speed up the work through flying aircraft.

- Aviation Maintenance Technicians are needed to keep the aircraft flying.

- Administrators are needed to help coordinate facilities and personnel.

- Leaders are needed to help keep the organization on it intended mission and advancing into new territory.


Many other skills are needed. You may find a list here. Skills


Here is another way to look at it. You live in a remote place on earth... Alone