God works mightily through the prayers of His people.

More than we realize, God is working through the people who align their hearts with His and ask Him to act. Will you join us in praying for laborers to send into the harvest among unreached people groups?

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Information concerning things to pray about:

If we don’t pray, how will we know where God is working? How will He show us His answers? Would we even be interested if we did not ask? Will He show us His glory where we are not even looking?

What are we praying for? Why? Biblical purpose? What do we want to see happen in New England? Aviation?

  • Churches catching and communicating the urgency of our task.
  • Churches intentionally equipping people with a clear Gospel message, intentionally teaching people on a specific path to maturity, intentionally equipping saints for the work of the ministry, constantly keeping the vision of eternal purposes for earthly living in front of the body, providing opportunities for church members to engage in the Great Commission, specifically in fulfillment of engaging every tribe, through activities such as missions conferences, regular missions prayer meetings, Wayumi trips, Expeditions, NTBI, local evangelism, practical witnessing and engagement with missions and missionaries through creative giving and intentional volunteering.
  • Culture of eternal life and earthly purpose.
  • Contact a missionary. Call. Write. Email. Ask for current prayer requests. Just the fact that you are even interested is a huge encouragement. Knowing what is going on as a prayer partner will help you to pray more effectively and to specific needs. Then you will also be able to rejoice in the answers to prayer.
  • Current events.
  • Immediate needs.
  • Big projects. We need your active involvement. You will also help stimulate effective communication concerning prayer requests which can be passed on to others.
  • Contact Us. (Randy & Diana Smyth)
  • Ask for paper prayer letters to know what is happening with us.

Send 100 Project Prayer needs:

  • Pray for consistently adequate monthly income so that through our efforts
    • more people are invested in seeing laborers raised up for the harvest.
    • more people are actively engaged in praying for the unreached.
    • more attention may be given to expanding our reach, build purposeful relationships and increasing communication to larger audiences.
  • Pray for provision to engage Christians where they gather.
    • We need to go where people gather.
    • We need to engage people who are interested in reaching unreached people groups.
  • (Our ability to minister is directly proportional to the income above our basic living expenses. If we can’t pay for it, we can’t do it.) 
  • Opportunities to effectively engage in deepening relationships with churches and individuals Christians.
  • Radio advertising about the unreached and need for laborers.
  • Print advertising in major Christian magazines, aviation news, web pubs, etc. about unreached and tribal needs – pointing back to NTM web sites, magazines, radio programs, Wayumi, NTBI, MTC.
  • Publication development for Send100
  • Event planning & funding such as Gordon, Liberty, WOLBI, SunNFun, LeTourneau, EAA, Moody, etc.
  • Mobile Wayumi type program
  • How to engage denominations or non-denominational groups on a meaningful level.

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