Purposeful Partnerships

Purposeful Partnerships

We need your support. Your gifts and talents are needed to enable us to contact more Christians on behalf of the unreached people groups.


More than that, we need purposeful partnerships. We need people who will work with us with intentional purpose over time to send laborers into the harvest. We need people who will live with the deep seated conviction, by faith in God's Word, that God will use themselves, their earthly possessions, their energy and their efforts to accomplish great things of eternal value as they are yielded to Him for His glory. Life is not about us or even about what we can accomplish; it is about knowing our Creator God and making Him known to all people.


There are entire language groups of people who have no access to God's Word. Their sin will take them to an eternity separated from God and all that is good.


Jesus Christ has already provided life for them through faith in His finished work on the cross. They do not yet know of His provision. Faith comes by hearing the word of God which is carried by messengers who are sent.


For these unreached people to hear the message of life, the church must send the messengers; by faith - by believing God ourselves.


There are about 900 churches for every unreached people group. By faith in God's word, dependence upon the Holy Spirit and interdependence among believers, there are enough of us to accomplish the task of reaching every tribe. (There are about 131,000 evangelical Christians for each of the 2500 tribes of people who have not access to the Gospel message.) Who will be in on accomplishing God's objectives?


What we are doing is more than finding and sending a few messengers here and there. What we want to do is build the church toward being the sending entities that God wants us to be. We will do this by:

  • teaching God's Word wherever possible,
  • advising about unreached tribes,
  • telling inspiring stories of God's mighty work among remote people,
  • imparting vision of how individuals have had a part in this work and
  • inviting Christians to take action by faith.


What we need to be doing is building. Building faith. Building the next generation. Building purpose into our thinking and planning. Building teams of mobilizers. Building scriptural doctrines of sacrifice, service of worship, delivery of a Christ-centered message and selfless living with eternity in view.

Potential Audiences

You may be the most valuable link to give us access to audiences around you. Do you know a venue where we might share our message?


Potential audiences for building mission into the lives of people:

  • College & University Students
  • High School Students.
  • Middle School youth.
  • Sunday School Children.
  • Campers at camp.
  • AWANA gatherings.
  • Children’s Church.
  • Christian Schools.
  • Church leaders.
  • Teachers meetings.
  • Church missions committees.

Resources for building.

We would like to help God's people with:

Building intentional equipping into Biblical teaching. (See Building on Firm Foundations Volume 1 or download)

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