send 100
Bridging the Gap.

Send 100 is about bridging the gap between the 2500 people groups who have not yet been reached with the Gospel and the 78,000 evangelical Christians per tribe who could reach one if they recognized the command, the privilege, the responsibility and the need.

We believe many Christians will respond if only we can clearly communicate God’s purpose for them, the needs of remote people and the opportunities to serve.

Let’s send 100 missionaries with 100 supporters to 100 tribes.

We hope this campaign will amplify the small voice we have to speak to the Church on behalf of those people living in remote places whose voices are not heard at all.

The point of this web page is to rally people to work with us in a variety of ways to send messengers to the unreached tribes. Some of those ways include financial support to enable our outreach, sponsorship into churches or other presentation venues, active advocacy n the community of believers and praying prayer partnerships.

Will you help us pass on the message? Will you amplify our voices? You could be an exponent!