Send 100 missionaries with 100 supporters to 100 tribes.


We are pursuing laborers to help bring in the harvest of souls among unreached people groups.


To that end, we need people. We need pilots, mechanics, accountants, administrators, teachers, Bible translators, church planters, builders, electricians, IT specialists and people with many, many other skills. It takes a team of people to plant reproducing tribal churches at the ends of the earth.

With the objective in mind, we serve others, helping Christians to raise up and send the workers to bring in the harvest.




Bible Teaching

Presentations to all ages

Assistance with missions conferences

Guidance with Foundational Bible Teaching

Evangelism Training through Resources & Teaching

Wayumi - Church awareness of the unreached and of the Biblical Basis of Mission

Interface - 5 weeks overseas hands-on tribal church planting missions education experience

New Tribes Bible Institute - practical Bible training given by experienced missionaries.

Missionary Training Center - 2 years of practical education for cross-cultural church planting.

New Tribes Mission - Sending agency for local churches to send and support their own people for the purpose of equipping unreached people groups to be ambassadors for Christ.

Assisting churches concerning their interaction with New Tribes Mission or their NTM missionary.




Assistance with the discovery of training and process prior to missionary service.
Tribal missions awareness, guidance and counseling.
Mentoring upon request.
Assistance with communicating to the missionary candidate’s home church about New Tribes Mission and cross-cultural church planting among unreached people groups.

New Tribes Mission has many resources to help Christians with evangelism, discipleship, church planting, training, Bible education and sending their own to the ends of the earth.


Here is a partial list of short term and career Personnel Needs.
All NTM personnel are financially supported entirely by trusting God to supply through the sacrificial giving of their own churches, friends, family and personal resources.