The Power of One

Adam was only one man. How could he affect the world?


Abraham was only one. What influence did he have on the world?


Have you heard of Moses or David?  


Saint Patrick was one man with a vision through whom the Gospel was brought to the western hemisphere via Ireland and Europe.  


David Livingstone was one person who wanted to know Africa and tell people there about their Creator.  


Hudson Taylor was one person to wanted to have an influence on the inland areas of China.  


There are many, many more ones.  


Are you one who wants to have a lasting influence on your world?  


It’s not about how big you are. It’s about believing God.  


It’s about persevering through faith in God’s Word and being faithful through adversity to have an enduring positive influence on other people for God’s glory.  


Abraham believed God … as did a lot of other people noted in Hebrews 11.  


What will be your legacy?