Why Tribes

Tribes or people groups or ethnic groups can be found all over the world in a variety of contexts. From people in frozen climates of north Canada or Siberia to the steamy jungles of South America, there are people groups all over the world who have no access to Biblical truth.

On the highest authority in heaven and on earth, Jesus told His followers to teach every ethnic group to do everything He commanded them to do. (Recap of Matthew 28:18-20)

The heavenly scene in Revelation 5:9 quotes the people praising God as saying, “you have redeemed us by your blood from every tongue, kindred, people and nation (ethnos).” Recurring themes throughout the Bible show that God cares about every ethnic group of people and that He wants those who know Him to tell those who do not about Him.

2500 Unreached

A third of the world’s people have no access to a Bible or a Christian. Among them are 2500 distinct tribes of people. Most have a unique unwritten language. These are people who have no access to a Bible and no access to someone who could accurately tell them about Jesus in a language they understand. One third of the world is perishing into an eternity separated from God.

Jesus is their only hope.

But they have no hope.

They have never heard of Jesus.
No one has taken the time to tell them.

Barriers of geography, politics, unknown culture, unwritten language, illiteracy, Bible translation and teaching must be overcome.

Communicating clearly will require:
Learning an unwritten language.
Deciphering a mysterious culture.
Building relationships of trust.
Translating Scripture.
Preparing lessons.