Ministry & Aviation Videos

People Title   Description Type Duration
8 Minutes Helicopter flight to Hewa Video 0:03:37
Healing for Hewa Babies – Samaritan’s Purse medical documentary Video 0:31:50
Bahinemo (Inaru) Bahinemo New Testament Celebrated New Testament Dedication Doc Read
Bagwido Bagwido Bible Dedication Overview of Bagwido work. Video 0:06:41
Akolet Adam & Julie Martin
Ata The Ata: God’s Narrative Continues Ata believers share their history and passion. Video 4:03:00
Steps of Faith – Testimony from Ata Ata Believers give testimony & vision. Video 23:00:00
Iteri Brad Buser Iteri history of life and how the Bible came to them. Video 6:19:00
Yembi Yembiyembi: Unto The Nations An overview of a tribal church planter. Video 0:03:37
Siawi Jason’s Prayer Jason prays with Siawi church leaders. Video 0:02:29
Siawi Bible Translation Linda Krieg tells about translation. Video 0:02:54
Siawi Bible Dedication 2013 Siawi Bible Dedication Video 0:13:07
Bisorio The Bisorio Story Audio 4 parts The story of what the Bisorio people heard. Audio 3:00:00
Each Stick Had a Name Gilimase makes a request for missionaries. Video 0:06:25
Answer to Each Stick How Gilimase’s village finally heard the Gospel. Video Read
Bisorioland A plea from Bisorio church elders. Video 0:07:25
Dinangat Below the Surface Dinangat people beliefs change. Video 0:05:25
Mouk Ee-Taow Mouk people hear overview of the Bible. Video 0:23:56
Ee-Taow The Mouk Story Mouk people hear overview of the Bible. Video 0:23:56
Ee-Taow The Next Chapter Mouk believers share the Gospel with another village. Video 0:33:24
NTMAviation Flight (Short Version) Overview of New Tribes Mission Aviation program. Video 0:06:05
PNG Bush Flying Randy’s collection of flying clips Video 0:05:25
Smyth Minstry Overview Randy and Diana present slides of the work in PNG. Video 0:34:15
Internship PNG Internship – online only – excellent  Michael LeBlanc and Morgan Okada Video 0:06:46
 Maleu  His Gift to Gie  Gersts give testimony of God’s work  Video  0:39:10
 Maliyali  Maliyali Survey  Maliyali missionary team survey  Video  0:05:55
 Maliyali Final Survey  Maliyali missionary team commit to work  Video  0:03:52
Manubo Gene & Carol Trudeau looing back 20 years Video 0:12:03
MAF/NTM no download – online only! MAF/NTM Mokndoma First Landing in Papua, Indonesia
MAF/NTM downloaded MAF/NTM  Iratoi Bible Teaching
MAF/NTM downloaded MAF/NTM  Mika Medivac
MAF/NTM youTube First Landing in Mokndoma (Papua, Indonesia) Video 0:03:45
Wantakia reachWANTAKIA: Just Getting Started Great video of vision, purpose and startup of Wantakia