What We Do


What Do We Do?

  • Inform churches about the tribes – the unreached people groups
  • Inspire people through testimony of God’s work
  • Invite laborers to assist the spiritual harvest
  • Advise and encourage potential missionaries
  • Direct students toward the New Tribes Bible Institutes
  • Find people to train at the NTM Missionary Training Centers
  • Represent New Tribes Mission
  • Promote tribal church planting missions in local churches
  • Advocate for the least reached people groups or tribes
  • Public speaking giving presentations in churches, schools, colleges
  • Build relationships with church leaders on behalf of NTM and the unreached
  • Promote Wayumi, New Tribes Bible Institutes and Missionary Training Center for NTM.
  • Find people to serve in missionary aviation

How do we do this?

  • Developing relationships
  • Hospitality – in home and out
  • Events - Display NTM, talk to people
  • Church functions – talk about tribes
  • Phone calls – Develop connections
  • Email – Inform, Inspire, Invite
  • Newsletters
  • Coffee, breakfast or lunch visits
  • Aggressively seeking engagements to speak on behalf of the tribes
  • Public Speaking
  • Churches
  • Youth
  • Sunday school
  • Conventions
  • Missions committees

Mission conferences