Why I Chose NTM

Why I Chose New Tribes Mission 

I want to have a part in:

  • …glorifying God in the way we obey.
  • …acting in solid, direct obedience to the Great Commission.
  • …going to “every ethnos” to teach all that Christ commanded.
  • …bringing God’s truth and hope to people who have no other access.
  • …working with people who have a high regard for God’s Word and methods.
  • …communicating a clear Christ-centered message.
  • …equipping saints for, and sending them into, the work of the ministry.
  • …establishing maturing churches who are multiplying.
  • …working equipped with effective practical mentoring and training.
  • …life change at the metanarrative level; replacing the frame of reference of what is true and what is not with the truth from God’s Word.

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