Children’s Super Challenge

Children’s Challenge

1. Can you list 100 Bible verses which show that God cares about the nations?

2. Can you find the names of 100 tribes of people who know nothing about Jesus?

3. Can you list 100 facts about one unreached tribe?

4. Do you know the names of 100 people who know the Gospel message?

5. Do you know 100 peole who could someday work as career missionaries in another country?

6. Can you list the names of 100 tribes who have already heard the Gospel?

7. Can you find 100 churches near you who could help send a career missionary?

8. Can you list the names of 100 languages which have a complete New Testament translated into their language?

9. Can you name 100 languages which have the whole Bible in their language?

10. Can you find 100 people who will pray for an unreached tribe three times in one day?

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