Bridging the gap between Christians and people Still Untold about Jesus

Everybody Ought to Know

Untold Millions are still untold

The Great Commission

About Missions

This site is about presenting the reliable hope of eternal life to all people, even people in the most remote places on earth, so that they might believe God about eternal life and thrive.

  • It is about truth and lies.
  • It is about receiving God’s love or rejecting it.
  • It is about sharing the love that we have been given versus keeping all treasures for ourselves. 

Everyone one of us will die.

When that happens two things will become unchangeable:

  • the things that we did on earth to invest the lifetime we were given, and
  • the choices we made believing Jesus Christ or not. 

God Created Everything

Let's Ask Him

God loves to answer our prayers as we pray in accordance with His will. (Which we learn from His book.) Let’s partner together in prayer to the God who knows what’s going on. 


Pray for UUPG

UUPG are people groups unreached and unengaged by the Church. Pray that God willl prepare their hearts to believe Him and send someone to deliver His message.


Church Culture

Pray for churches to develop a culture of engaging in God’s mission at home and around the world, preparing people to know, pray, send and go.


People to Help

Pray that God will raise up laborers to help bring in the harvest of souls from among the nations. 

we aren't afraid of trying new things Because God is bigger

Be part of something great

Two things will last forever: God’s word and other people.

During our short lives on earth we have the opportunity to believe God and lay up treasure in heaven.

Yes, the good things we do matter, but the greatest treasures in God’s layaway plan will be those people who will live forever close to God’s glorious goodness because we passed on God’s wonderful message to them.

Get Started in a Good Direction

Through this website we hope to lead you to information and resources that will help you grow in your understanding, engage in God’s purpose for your gifts, and lead other people to take the next steps of faith in God’s written word. 

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