Send: – page under development – Donating to support activities already doing the work of sending to multiply their efforts and enabling them to work more effectively. Adopting an unreached tribe, praying for laborers to go there and doing all that you can to act on their behalf. Advocating for individual missionaries and mobilizers within your church body to send and support them. Actively serving NTM personnel as they seek supporters and co-workers in your local area. Being an Exponent. Preparing the next generation of Christians to serve ovewrseas through encouraging or providing thorough foundational Bible teaching, a walk with God emphasis, awareness of God’s glory, our limited time to invest our talents for Him, involvement in God’s earthly plan for Christians and a keen awareness of the plight of the lost.

Awareness – of the unreached and New Tribes Mission in churches, small groups, sunday schools, schools, mission conferences,

Education – this one needs its own page – Biblical basis, clear Gospel message, communicating your faith, condition of the unreached, destiny of the lost, Biblical basis of mission, cross-cultural communication, Christians’ responsibility, talents, rewards, investing for eternity, the glory of God and the foundation for works and the treasure of all men, bring people with us as the fulfillment of the Second great commandment – love your neighbor as yourself.

Wayumi – Take groups of people from your church with you to some of the Wayumi programs. You will find it amazingly worthwhile! Wayumi is a highly educational tribal missions exposure experience.

New Tribes Bible Institutes – NTBI – Prepare your youth for the necessity of a practical Bible education. Then send them to one of the New Tribes Bible Institutes! Don’t just prepare your students for the next 70 years. Prepare them to invest their lives for eternity! You and they will both be glad that you did! See

MTC – briefly – why NTM’s MTC  is one of the best places you could send a serious missionary – link to MTC curriculum – is there an MTC web site? – Thai experience name – Tech Center web site? – why missionaries need traning instead of blundering through all the mistakes of missionaries past themselves.

Be A Missions Exponent – separate page on what is a missions exponent? – ideas, possibilities, stories of what others did, testimonial page, ideas sharing – sponsoring missionaries and mobilizers through your own connections to give opportunity for meaningful impact. Using your own contacts to introduce, invite, advocate and encourage. Guiding missionaries and candidates through the cultural maze of dress codes, conduct, awareness and effective communication. Helping them overcome and grow through obstacles to effective ministry of which they may not be aware.


What You Can Do