Acting on behalf of other people:

  • Knowledge is the power to act.
  • Health is the strength to act.
  • Funding is the power to act.

Missionary Exponent, Advocate, Promoter, Champion, Campaigner, Backer, Booster.

Exponent -

  • a : one that expounds or interprets
  • b: one that champions, practices, or exemplifies
  • c: a person or thing that is a representative, advocate, type, or symbol of something.

A missionary who introduces himself may have credibility in time. A missionary introduced by an exponent has many times the credibility and influence by starting with an established relationship. Often, in areas of trust, it is not what you know but who you know that counts.

Many missionaries can tell stories of key individuals who took it upon themselves to help them through actively introducing them to a variety of church leaders, small groups, church programs, teachers, schools and conferences where the missionary could share their passion and vision. Often those sponsored relationship tend to be the most enduring and deepest partnerships in the task of reaching tribes. Over my 20+ years of ministry, the supporters who were introduced to us by someone else are the ones who have been partners with us through the hard times.

Being a Missionary Exponent or advocate is the most effective way to assist missionaries with connecting in the home country.  An Exponent can help with:

  • Helping the Body to maintain awareness of God's eternal purposes on earth.
  • Keeping the plight of the unreached tribes in front of the Body.
  • Organizing opportunities for their missionary to have an impact.
  • Rallying others toward action for eternal benefit.
  • Fundraising to enable their missionary to be more effective.
  • Endorsing and promoting Special Projects.
  • Educating all ages or providing opportunities for education about tribal church planting.
  • Inviting a missionary speaker or mobilization representative to encourage, invite, motivate and educate.

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practical opportunities to act.

Ready-made opportunities for action and education: 

  • Send a group for a life changing weekend.
  • Interface - Send an explorer for a five week missions education in Papua New Guinea.
  • NTBI - New Tribes Bible Institute - Give students what they REALLY need. A practical Bible education.
  • MTC - Missionary Training Center - Hands-on training for serious missionary candidates.
  • Short Term Missions - Volunteer, Teach, Build, Heal, Fix, Compute, Network.
  • Associate Missionaries - 6 months or more