What You Can Do

What You Can Do


The Commission

Our commission includes going into all of the world and teaching people to observe all that Christ commanded. Teaching everything requires time on location. If you live near the ends of the earth, it really helps to have team to help you complete the job in your life time.

The Team

The team includes the builders, school teachers, accountants, administrators, leaders, consultants, supply buyers, pilots, mechanics and a host of other people who can help you stay on location and focused on what you are there to do: make disciples Christ.

The Tasks

All the way from your home church who sent you to the people who help you teach and translate scripture, God raises up people with a wide variety of skills to assist you with accomplishing that task.


From Where?

Where do missionaries come from? How do ordinary join the team planting churches among remote people groups? Their journey often starts by being intentionally invited.

Ordinary People

Ordinary people hear God's word, they begin believing it, they adopt God's values, they begin hearing about needs and then they devote their strength and energy to God's purposes one objective and one person at a time.

Do What's Nearest

You can help us build relationship bridges, extend the invitation and expand our communication to people who would join us if only they knew what we are doing.

Be An Exponent

Would you like to help us engage people who might be interested in hearing about unreached tribes and what God is doing to reach them? You could connect with people you know far better than a visiting mobilizer or missionary. Would you like to learn more? Here are just a few stories of what other people have done. 

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Personal Support

Be there. That's a major factor in ministering to people. Our freedom to live where we live, invite people into our home and work toward reaching unreached people groups is made possible by our monthly financial supporters. We live by faith in God to provide for us month to month. He often provides through the generosity of poeple who share our passion. Would you like to help strengthen our foundation for ministry? 

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Ministry Bolstering

Go there. Expanding ministry means going where people gather. Our ministry funding comes from those gifts which are in excess of our personal needs and gifts which are designated for a specific purpose. Would you like to assist us with monthly ministry expenses or some special projects?

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Be A Promoter

Bring it forward! What you have learned, invite others to learn.  An exponent might promote but a promoter might not be an exponent. Would you like some ideas of things you could do?

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Do you need an introduction to tribal missions? What is this all about? What training is available? What do I need to know to encourage people in my church? New Tribes Mission has a training available to equip people with information about the next step.

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You are going! Hurray! You are an answer to our prayers.

The best thing you can do now is connect with someone who can help you ask the questions you didn’t know you need to ask. Contact us!


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