What You Can Do 2

Help Us Send 100

  • - Be an Exponent. Advocate for us. Help us engage people you know who are interested in missions. Missionaries don't grow on trees! Ordinary people take on the task of reaching remote people when they are asked to act. We work to give them the information they need, inspire them with the vision of how their skills might be used and we invite them to join us in the work.
  • - Personal support.  Our ministry is funded entirely through the generosity of people who want to have a part in reaching tribes with Gospel. With a few exceptions, we pay all of our own personal living and ministry expenses. Freedom to minister to others is possible through the provision above our personal costs. We need your help! Your gifts enable and empower us to spend our time and energy engaging God's people about the unreached people groups. Your generosity strengthens our ability to serve. Here is a link to have a part in our financial support team. http://blogs.ntm.org/randy-smyth/give/
  • - Ministry Funding. Funding for our ministry to be able to engage people face to face where they are is a big part of enabling our work. We need funding for travel, for setting up booths at conventions, missions conferences, university campuses, connecting with church leaders, speaking to youth groups, engaging seminary students, speaking in churches and traveling to meet people one on one. You may help us here. -->> http://blogs.ntm.org/randy-smyth/give/
  • - Promote Tribal Church Planting where you are
    • - Get Informed / Be Prepared
    • - Read God’s word, the Bible, about His purposes, plans and methods.
    • - Subscribe to missionary email, newsletters and publications.
    • - Read missionary biographies to learn how to depend on God.
    • - Ask current missionaries about their lives and needs.
    • - Research world needs, methods of meeting them and who is doing what.
    • - Go to a Wayumi program.
    • - Educate Others
    • - Download and show missionary videos.
    • - Make missionary publications available.
    • - Ask your friends to pray about specific needs.
    • - Host missionaries in your home, small group or church.
    • - Invite a missionary mobilizer to speak.

Come Prepared

  • - Be a student of God’s Word.
  • - Ask to be mentored by a trusted leader.
  • - Serve the church people under supervision. Mentor others.
  • - Learn how to share the Gospel message and do it.

Be Trained

New Tribes Bible Institute – ntbi.org

  • - A focus on practical knowledge
  • - Experienced missionaries are the teachers.
  • - Life on life interaction is practiced.

Career training at New Tribes Mission’s Missionary Training Center (MTC)

  • - Excellent practical training for career missionaries!
  • - Avoid the "School of Hard Knocks"!
  • - Learn from the experience of others!
  • - Find out what you don't know that you don't know that you need to know!

Go Yourself – ntm.org/go

  • Wayumi.com – Attend a weekend or week long tribal missions experience.
  • Interface - College level experience, education & internships overseas.
  • Short Term Missions – Assist missionaries on the field.
  • Teach in a school for the children of missionaries, our future missionaries.
  • Career - Join New Tribes Mission as a career missionary.

Be a Sender

            Advocacy. Be an advocate for a missionary. Help arrange meetings. Introduce your missionary to your friends, potential speaking opportunities and possible supporters. Often the most effective and long-lasting supporters who join the work do so as their friends share the value of the ministry and introduce the person ministering.

          Financial supporter. The job of reaching remote people is too big and too important for one person or family working alone. Your financial support is vital. You may give online to a variety of projects. This link will lead you to support Randy & Diana Smyth and their Send 100 project. Donate Now

          Prayer supporter. Pray personally, specifically, corporately and regularly. You will begin to see God’s hand at work as your prayers are answered. Use a journal. Subscribe to NTM's Daily or Weekly email updates. 

You Can Make A Difference!

The Power of One