You Can Make A Difference

You Can Make A Difference

What if you lived where nobody could tell you of Jesus. Would you want someone to come tell you what Jesus did to purchase eternal life for you? You could make a difference for a person like that.

You might ...            Go  Send Pray  Give NTM  Contact

Carry the message

Carry the message of life yourself to an entire language group of people who have never heard of Jesus.

Help A Messenger

Enable a messenger who is already going to carry the message of life through your financial gifts and logistical support.

Pass It On

Encourage and inform other potential messengers about how they might carry the message of eternal life in Jesus to unreached tribes.

Invite a Representative

Invite a missionary mobilizer to come speak – to inform & inspire others --

– in church

– in small groups

– in missions conferences

– to youth

– to children

– to men

– to AWANA groups

– to Christian school classes

– to missions committees

Prepare to Send

Educate Others: intentionally giving others the foundations for a life of faith and self-sacrificing commitment to God's purposes.

– about God's marvelous character & glory.
– about God's wonderful provision for sin through Jesus Christ.
– about God’s plan for the world and their part in it.
– how to respectfully communicate a clear, Christ-centered Gospel message to other people.

Be Informed

Learn about tribal church planting and be equipped to tell other people. One way is through subscribing to New Tribes Mission magazines, email newsletters and missionary letters.


Serve missionaries in offices in the USA or on the field for a few weeks or several years. Your skills, experience and energy are needed – in a variety of roles both at home and abroad. Find Your Fit

Pray Specifically

Take time to pray. Organize prayer teams and pray. Read updates and pray. God works mightily through the prayers of His people. Pray.

Help us find people to train as missionaries and churches to send them!

Learn more at New Tribes Mission’s web site.