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Smyths' Team Contribution


How will supporting Randy & Diana Smyth promote the work of planting churches among unreached people groups?


Answer: Randy & Diana are not salaried workers but faith missionaries who are trusting God to work through His people to send laborers into the harvest among the tribes. Their primary ministry is to direct people toward planting maturing churches among tribes of people who have no other access to the Good News about Jesus. Reaching the tribes who are already asking for missionaries requires finding new missionaries to send to them and teams to support them.

Career Missionaries

We need people who will do the work of tribal church planting. The list of skilled people who are needed to support this work is also extensive. Randy & Diana work to find willing people, to invite them to help us plant churches tribes where Christ is not known and to direct them to the training available.

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Support Teams

Teams of supporters are necessary to send every missionary. Skilled volunteers and career support workers can help many missionary teams be more effective and reach more people. Randy & Diana actively engage people to impart vision, share tools and invite action toward reaching unreached tribes.

Our Work


Representing NTM

Through initiating relationships, working as liaisons and following up with ongoing communications, Randy & Diana are helping churches to grow in awareness of unreached tribes and the resources God has provided through New Tribes Mission for churches to send missionaries to reach them.

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- Career missionaries. New Tribes Mission’s greatest need is people to do the work. We need laborers who will fill the variety of roles related to planting maturing churches in remote places on earth among previously unreached people groups. Physical labor and skilled labor are needed. Without people we cannot move into new tribes. Randy & Diana are actively seeking missionary candidates to go overseas, young people to be trained in our Bible Institutes and churches full of people who will be actively engaged in reaching remote people groups with the Gospel. Randy & Diana have been sent to find help.

- Supporters. Many people will not be able to go overseas themselves but are eager to do what they can to train the next generation of missionaries, actively support other people who will work overseas and build a sense of God’s purposes in the world among the local churches. Randy & Diana actively work to engage people with vision, tools and Biblical teaching to support Church efforts to reach the world. They speak in churches, Christian schools, small groups, conferences and other gathering of Christians. Engaging people about serving the Lord, they set up displays in churches, universities and conventions.

- Liaison. After the initial contact with individuals about tribal church planting, Randy & Diana often follow up with the contacts through email, phone calls, entertaining guests in the home and traveling to meet for more in depth conversations about God’s purposes in the world and our roles in His work. They advise candidates while they work through New Tribes Mission’s application processes.


Opportunities for mission experience


Randy and Diana seek to engage people to present opportunities to take action toward reaching unreached people groups.

Bible Teaching

The foundation of mission activity is an understanding of God’s glorious nature and our role as His ambassadors in the world who declare His glory. What is God doing in the world? What is our part in His plan? These things are known to us through the writings of scripture.


Testimonies of what God has done and is doing among remote people groups are encouraging and inspiring, imparting vision to other people how they might have a part. Randy and Diana have a lot of testimonies to share of God’s glorious work among remote people groups.


Randy and Diana help direct people toward a weekend or weeklong tribal missions experience at New Tribes Mission’s Wayumi camp in central Pennsylvania.




People who desire a more in depth look at what is involved in planting churches among unreached people groups can receive five weeks of practical training from missionaries in Papua New Guinea who are currently doing the work. Randy & Diana help direct students of ages 15 to 80 toward this training program. Interface

Bible Institutes

Bible Institutes with a missions focus. In the USA, two New Tribes Bible Institutes provide practical Bible training with an emphasis on missions. In two years students are taught through every book of the Bible by experienced missionaries. Key emphases include personal application of truth. Randy and Diana actively seek students who will be equipped for ministry by this Bible training.

Missionary Training

MTC. New Tribes Mission’s Missionary Training Center gives missionary candidates two years of practical training taught by experienced missionaries. How do you learn an unwritten language? How do you translate the Bible? What survival skills will you need? How does culture impact understanding? Randy & Diana actively seek people who will be trained as career missionaries. MTC