Five Things You Need To Know About Missions

Completing the Great Commission

Whose Mission? 

Why Engage?

Where Are We Going?

What is Well Done?

Empowering Others?

Foundational to living good on earth and preparing well for life hereafter is knowing God, our role in His work, His objectives, His measurement of the quality of our work, and our responsibility to equip others. 

Who is the triune God? 
Does He have a role for each of us in His plan? 
What is the objective of His mission? 
What is the impact of our work?  
How can we help other people engage in His mission?

With this site, I hope to lead you on a journey of discovery, encouragement, vision, purpose, and engagement.

If these pages resonate with you, we would love to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with you and your church that brings glory to God and the message of His grace to the world. 

What's Next?

If mission is God’s idea, then in order to be in alignment with what He is doing, we need to know His Person, His Purpose, His Plan, His People, and His Process.

Why Mission Engagement? Who are the people through whom God will accomplish His excellent intentions? What motivates people who have engaged?

Any journey can be difficult to complete if we do not know where we are, the destination or the path between the two. We will endeavor to show you a map.

What does it take to accomplish God’s mission? Has God given us a pattern to follow in the building of His Church? If we follow God’s blueprints then we will see more effective ministry and solid fruit.

How can we give practical tools to promote mission success that involves everyone of every age who is willing to engage? What can we do to move the needle on the Great Commission?